Paint Pro For A Day Service

Everyone has something that they need painted or done around the house. Maybe you started a project but found that you couldn’t find the time to finish or the project ended became overwhelming. Maybe you have had something on your “honey do list” for way too long and someone keeps reminding you. Maybe you just want to make a change to a room, do some touch ups or fix your child’s “artwork” that is on the wall.

You may have thought about hiring a professional painter to take care of your project but it seems like such a hassle. You don’t have time to call multiple companies and have several different contractors come to your house to give you quotes. You wonder what it might cost to hire a professional but nobody has any upfront prices and the entire process seems confusing and overwhelming.

That’s why we created our Paint Pro For A Day Service.

We give you an upfront price to have one professional painter come to your home to work on whatever you need for 8 hours.

We worked hard to make the process as easy, quick and convenient as possible. No messing with setting up multiple estimate appointments with different contractors. You get a price for the day up front and can schedule and pay for the work online. After that we give you a call to get an idea of what we will be doing when we come and we show up on your scheduled day and complete the work.

Hiring a painting contractor shouldn’t be complicated.

Our Paint Pro For A Day Service helps you spend less time watching paint dry and more time living your life.


Is paint included in the price of the appointment?

No. You are responsible to provide paint. We can offer paint suggestions and color tips in our phone call before the project to help you make the best decision on paint for your job. We also can provide paint and deliver it to the job site if desired at an additional cost but it is not included in the regular day rate.

What can a painter do in a day?

One of our team members can do quite a bit in a day. For example typically one painter can…

Apply 2 coats of paint to walls in a typical sized bedroom.

Paint 2 Ceilings of average sized rooms.

Complete touch ups if needed in multiple areas of the house (providing you have the correct paint and color for the touch ups).

Paint trim (baseboards, window casings, door casings, etc) in 1 to 2 rooms.

There are many different factors that can affect how much 1 painter can accomplish in a day including…

Weather conditions that affect paint dry times like temperature and humidity.

Room access factors and how many items need to be moved or reset in a room.

Surface condition and how much prep is required for each job.

Color changes that may require additional coats or priming.

Is drywall repair or texture work included?

No. We will fix and fill minor nail holes and imperfections but major drywall repairs or texture work would be an additional charge.

What happens if we go over time?

We will do our absolute best to complete the project in the time frame you have scheduled and our pre-project phone interviews help determine realistic expectations for the day. If for some reason it does require additional time to complete the job you will be charged an hourly rate of $45/hr.

Can I purchase more than one day?

There are no restrictions on the number of days you can purchase however if you think a project is going to take longer than 3 days it is usually better to have us give you a customized proposal for the project with a fixed price instead of a daily rate. We can also then schedule more painters to be on-site so your project is completed quicker and in addition to the customized proposal and estimate you will receive a pre-project planning meeting with the team lead for your project.

Can I purchase a day as a gift for a friend?

Yes. Absolutely! Just be sure to give us your contact info and not the recipient of the gift so that we contact you for instructions on how to schedule and coordinate with the recipient. We don’t want to ruin the surprise!

What can I expect from the painter I hire?

A smiling and friendly member of our team that is professionally trained to help you with your project. We do not send you sub-contractors or day laborers.

Are You Insured?

Yes. We are fully insured with liability and workers comp insurance.

1 Day


Phone interview to determine project needs.

8 Hours of Professional Paint Work from a member of our team.